Trade schools are often overshadowed by four-year colleges and universities, making it difficult for students to understand how a trade school education can be more beneficial than a four-year degree. Here are a few of the frequent questions that students have when trying to determine if a trade school program is right for them.

What is a trade school?

Trade schools are educational institutions that provide students with training related to a skilled trade profession. The training is focused on the skills and knowledge students need to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation from the trade school.

What type of training programs are available through trade schools?

Welding, machining, building construction and HVAC technology are just a few of the many trade programs available to students across the country. While each school determines what programs to offer, these are typically reflective of jobs that have a shortage of skilled workers in the school’s local area.

How long does it take to complete trade school education?

The amount of time to graduate from a trade school varies based on program offerings and attendance. Full-time students can often complete programs in 3-9 months while part-time students may take up to two years to complete their training program.

What career opportunities are available upon graduation?

Upon graduating from a training program at a trade school, students should have the skills necessary to enter the profession they trained for. A benefit of attending trade schools is that they are typically well connected to local companies that hire for positions which the student received training in.

What does it cost to attend a trade school?

The cost to attend a trade school varies between institutions and training programs. According to the North America Trade Schools, students at a trade school spend on average 70% less than students attending a four-year university, and trade school students typically have paid off the cost of their education within five years of employment.

Is financial aid available for trade school education?

Many trade schools provide scholarship or grant opportunities for students who need financial assistance. In addition, financial aid in the form of student loans are available to most students attending an accredited trade school program. Trade school staff will work with students to secure the financial aid necessary to attend.