If you like to work with your hands and get a feeling of satisfaction from solving problems, a career in auto mechanics may be for you. This career gives you more mobility than most office jobs, and you’ll always be on the go, so you’ll also need to have an energetic and outgoing personality. While you may have something to offer as an auto mechanic, what does this career choice provide to you?

Training and Salary

In most communities, all you need to get going in a career as an auto technician is a high school diploma. From there, you’ll receive on the job training and be able to advance your way up to a full auto mechanic. For those willing to pursue a training certification from an accredited tech or vocational school, it may be possible to skip ahead and find work as a full-fledged mechanic.

Technical school training programs give their auto mechanics students a better understanding of the principles of this craft. The students gain a more thorough understanding of the different systems and even learn how computer diagnostics work in the field.

Otherwise, most individuals with interest in auto mechanics learn their craft on the job. This type of on-site training can be sometimes more desirable because the education comes faster and is applied to real-world situations.

As an auto mechanic, you’ll earn a modest salary. The average yearly income for an auto mechanic in 2017 was $39,500. That rate of pay can vary, depending on the type of employment you seek. For instance, smaller locally owned shops may pay a little less, while commercial dealerships sometimes pay their auto mechanics significantly more.

A Deeper Look at Life as an Auto Mechanic

While computer diagnostics do play a part in auto mechanics, real-world mechanics warn that the job mostly consists of getting your hands dirty. For much of the time, the mechanic is on the floor, working on a greasy engine or working on other parts of the vehicle. For this reason, you can expect a physically demanding experience.

If this career path still appeals to you, there’s good news. The industry sees a 30% to 40% turnover rate, which means auto mechanics are always in high demand. Since few people choose this vocation, employers are eager to give new or inexperienced individuals a chance. In addition to the market being prime for this type of career change, the high demand also means that auto mechanics have greater job security than other skilled workers.