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Debunking the Myths of Blue-Collar and White-Collar Workers

This blog was originally posted on Matthew Mann’s other website, here. — When you hear the words blue-collar and white-collar workers, it’s typical to think that blue-collar workers are of a lower class than white-collar workers. The reality is that they’re not a lower class or even a higher class. The truth is both workers are […]


Industries In Need of Vocational Workers

This blog was originally posted on Matthew Mann’s other website, here. — With the rise of technology and its ability to threaten certain industries, you would think that several vocational industries have been negatively affected. However, that is not the case because new technologies and tools have actually made production more efficient and vocational positions are […]

Matthew Mann - Vocational Career Spotlight_ Auto Mechanic

Vocational Career Spotlight: Auto Mechanic

If you like to work with your hands and get a feeling of satisfaction from solving problems, a career in auto mechanics may be for you. This career gives you more mobility than most office jobs, and you’ll always be on the go, so you’ll also need to have an energetic and outgoing personality. While […]

Matthew Mann - Vocational Career Spotlight_ Welding

Vocational Career Spotlight: Welding

Welders are individuals trained in the art of cutting and joining metal parts together using either hand-held equipment or remotely controlled equipment. They work both indoors and outdoors and most commonly hold full-time jobs. Depending on the job, welders may find themselves working on the ground or high above on scaffolding. There are also various […]

Vocational Career Spotlight: Allied Health

Allied healthcare providers consist broadly of technicians, who work alongside doctors, and therapists and technologists, who work independently, evaluating and diagnosing patients, and developing treatment plans. Technicians generally have at least an associate’s degree, although they are often not required to have more than a high school education, as well as some on-the-job training. Therapists […]

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