Matthew Mann is a voice for technical and trade education in Pennsylvania and MatthewMannEducationMaryland. He is a passionate and forward-thinking administrator who serves as the Director of Education at the North American Trade Schools in Baltimore.

With years of experience in various education administration roles, Matthew has continuously addressed and met the evolving workforce needs of the Mid-Atlantic region. His approach to trade education in the United States is built on two fundamental schools of thought: his desire to help people grow and his understanding of the diverse requirements of a successful 21st-century workforce.

Matthew Mann is driven by his innate ability to improve and share skilled education with students from all walks of life, especially when today’s education is at such a critical turning point. As prior generations begin to slow and retire from the workforce, it is crucial that students nowadays receive the education needed to close the “skills gap” and allow them to enter a variety of industries. Matthew is devoted to making this goal a reality for the duration of his career in education administration.

Prior to his shift into administration, Matthew Mann got his start in education as a career and technical teacher. For fifteen years Matthew taught auto mechanics and transportation courses at his local career and technology center. Although Matthew was happy in his position, he wanted to address the administrative weaknesses he saw on a local level. Simultaneously, Matthew Mann knew that the country’s state of education was shifting, and he wondered if he could expand his impact on a larger scale. Matthew got his answer from his longtime mentor who the principal of the center at the time. He said:

“You cannot drive from the backseat.”

Inspired by these words, Matthew was motivated to earn the administrative certifications he needed to become an influencer in the skilled trades. After receiving his Masters in Education from Temple University, Matthew moved from teaching automotive courses to becoming the assistant vice principal of the school. At first, his primary focus was student discipline and engagement, where he composed a Differentiated Supervision Plan that was eventually used by other career and technical schools in the area.

For the first time in his life, Matthew Mann was delighted in his career. Not only did he have the opportunity to take the success he’d had in the classroom, but it was translated campus and area-wide. Within a few years, Matthew had been promoted from assistant principal to become principal of the school.

As Matthew has more experience under his belt, he became the Assistant Executive Director at the career and technology center. In this position, he oversaw all campus operations, curriculum development, professional evaluations and more. He continued to prove his brilliance as a professional, where he introduced a classroom management system that reduced student discipline by over 30 percent, raised student attendance to 96 percent; and raised student achievement 17 percent. The system was recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, as well as his alma maters, Penn State and Temple Universities.

After a decade of working in numerous roles within the career and technology center, Matthew Mann moved on to become the Vice President for Student Affairs at the Keystone Technical Institute. He oversaw all professional development, staff observations, and evaluations, and served as the business and community liaison for the area. He coordinated outreach efforts on behalf of the school for organizations such as the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Harrisburg Area Home Builders Association. With innovative partnerships like these, it was only right for Matthew Mann to be recognized by the Pennsylvania governor’s office for partnerships with business and industry.

Matthew is always looking for ways to connect like-minded individuals or organizations who drive local and statewide progress in education. Simultaneously he enjoys strengthening his ties with several communities in the area. Though Matthew Mann no longer works in Pennsylvania, he still maintains active partnerships with a handful of organizations. A few organizations include the Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators (PAPSA), the Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Education Special Populations (PACTE-SP), the Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Administrators (PACTA), local leadership organizations, the Youth Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and Habitat for Humanity.

Amongst the many ways people can get involved with their communities, Matthew Mann is a major proponent of physical activity. He has worked with the Special Olympics in the past and has volunteered with local 5k runs, golfing tournaments, and more. Matthew himself used to be a professional weightlifter and has participated in various strength competitions in York, Pennsylvania. Matthew views physical activity as more than just a way to keep fit  — it’s a way to grow as a professional because of its ability to relieve stress and teach discipline.

This blog will focus on Matthew Mann’s thoughts on education, community activities, lifestyle hobbies and interests. Stay tuned!